What we do

We have sixty years of experience in manufacturing. Our professional machinists and operators are among the most knowledgeable and experienced in the manufacturing industry. Our equipment and facilities remain at the leading edge of manufacturing technology.

Milling & Turning

Our CNC vertical mills and in-house turning centers can precision-machine components from nearly every metal and alloy, including steel, inconel, aluminum, bronze alloys, copper, and a variety of plastics. Our high-accuracy and tight-tolerance capabilities allow us to meet demanding specifications including those of the of the aerospace and defense industries.

Grinding Centers

We offer the service of kitting and assembling within our facilities to save time for our customers. By accurately grouping necessary components before shipping, or assembling components ourselves, a crucial step is eliminated at the end destination, maximizing supply chain efficiency.

CMM Measuring

Our CMMs are used to verify the accuracy and consistency of the components we manufacture, ensuring they conform to our customers’ specifications and tolerances.

Deburring & Finishing

Our deburring machines produce flawless surfaces for error-free functioning of components. Finishing services extend the durability or improve the look of machined parts. Our network of suppliers allows us to deliver finishing capabilities which include powder coating, anodizing, passivation, and cadmium plating.

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